Vocabulary and Spelling Differentiation

Give students the power to decide what words they do and don't understand, and they will follow through.

A. Whether each student is reading independent novels or the whole class is reading the same book, a word bank allows students to take ownership of their learning regardless of their reading level. Students who "know it all" can select great words to use more often. The following guideline and rubric make it simple for the teacher to assign and explicitly clear for the student to follow:

Word Bank

B. Even if the class is all working with a vocabulary-spelling program, chances are that there some students who are already competent at a higher lever. Susan Winebrenner recommends using a "functional spelling" by allowing all students the opportunity to compact each week's lesson. To compact vocabulary-spelling, give students a pre-test at the beginning of the week. Students who score "A" receive that grade for the week and then can choose among alternate assignments. You can find more information on compacting and vocabulary building at this page of Susan's website.

C. Diigo Sites Tagged "Vocabulary"

D. Graphic Organizers for Vocabulary: